Zamówienie Nr 3/2021

Informujemy, że w postępowaniu zakupowym dotyczącym zapytania ofertowego nr 3/2021 wybrana została oferta firmy TRIOPTICS GmbH.


A measurement system for opto-mechanical characterization of lens

systems: for lens centering, center thickness and air gap measurement, and

precise manual lens alignment of optics.

The purchase is financially supported by the founding programme „Ścieżka dla Mazowsza”

by The National Centre for Research and Development, Poland 


CRW Telesystem-Mesko Sp. z o.o.

ul. Warszawska 51,  Lubiczów , 05-082 Stare Babice, Poland

VAT: PL 524-010-38-48

Method to send the offer:

By e-mail to the address:

T: + 48 661 04 37 34(mobile)

F: + 48 22 7220 978 ext. 201

Selection criteria

– compliance with the specification – 50%;

– price(Ex Works) – 50%;

Offer delivery date:

July 5th 2021, 23:59 CET, (can be extended, on request)

Offer validity period:

Minimum until  August 5th 2021.

Required delivery (Ex Works):

Up to 14 weeks ARO


DescriptionRequirementNotes/additional requrements
1.Measurement and Alignment Methods1.1 Lens centering measurement with one autocollimator in reflection1.2 Center thickness and air gap measurement1.3 Manual lens alignment and assembly1.4 Vertical configuration – sample optical axis: vertical
2. Sample dimensions and mounting system2.1 Max. diameter: ≥ 150 mm2.2 Max. weight: ≥10 kg2.3 Motorised rotary stage with max runout ≤0.2μm2.4 Integrated x/y/tip/tilt stage
3. Lens Centering Measurement3.1 Lens centering measurement accuracy: ≤0.2μm3.2 Measurement of spherical (concave, convex) and plano surfaces3.2 Operating wavelength: from VIS(380nm-720nm) range, preferable green3.3 Objective lens, at least one, exchangeable(thread or bayonet)3.4 Motorized stage with autocollimator fixture, travel ≥ 450 mm
4. Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurement4.14.1 Center thickness and air gap measurement accuracy: ≤1 μm4.2 Max. optical thickness of the sample: ≥200 mm4.3 Operating wavelength: from range 1250nm-1400nm
5. Software 5.1 Motorised rotary stage control5.2 Motorised autocollimator stage control5.3 Measurement of centration errors of each lens of a multi-lens objective, min. 10 surfaces5.4 Measurement of lens thickness and airgap for multilens assembly, min. 10 surfaces5.5 Data export(txt, csv or xls)
Operating temperature20°C +/- 3 °C
Mains230V 50Hz
Installation and trainingInstallation and training on CRW Telesystem-Mesko premises, but remote installation help and training  is also acceptable Trained opticians familiar with such systems available on site for installation process

Required information concerned the price:

– price should be quoted in PLN, EUR or USD;

– transport and insurance cost shall be given separately (does not impact selection process)

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