Janusz NOGA

President of the Management Board

Dr Eng. Janusz Noga was a member of the product development team working on the GROM portable anti-aircraft missile system, and its subsequent modernizations, resulting with the PIORUN missile program. He managed the group executing the project for the development and implementation of the UST-1 GROM/PIORUN Missile Simulation Round. He participated in the development of a detection system for long-range ship-to-ship missiles used by the Polish Navy. The new system significantly improved the parameters of the rocket and extended its service-life.


In the years 2008-2017, he managed teams working on development projects, implemented by IOE MUT and CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO:

  • development of the optoelectronic proximity fuse combat section model, intended for the GROM-M portable missile system;
  • development of GROM-M MANPAD dual-spectral homing head model with increased detectability and resistance to countermeasures;
  • development of a homing head, proximity sensor and starting mechanism in the project “Modernization of the GROM portable anti-aircraft missile system, codenamed PIORUN”.

CRW Telesystem Mesko Sp. z o.o.



President of the Management Board – Janusz NOGA

Board of directors Chairman – Tomasz Wojewoda


Research & Development Centre TELESYSTEM-MESKO Ltd. with the headquarters in Lubiczów, specializes in research, development and production for the defence industry.

Since its beginning, it has been developing, implementing and manufacturing optoelectronic and electronic components for portable anti-aircraft systems. It is also the founder and maker of the world-unique InSb and PbS photodetectors, specialised optics and modern hybrid preamplifiers.

By participating in 1993 in the Strategic Government Program “Modern technologies for the development of the air defence system of troops and facilities”, TELESYSTEM-MESKO Sp. z o. o. became a leader in innovation in the design and production of the most critical elements of the GROM Man Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile System (PPZR GROM). Throughout all the years of operations, the Company has consistently expanded the range of activities directly related to the missile sets.

Currently, it designs and manufactures various types of homing warheads, launch mechanisms for anti-aircraft systems used by the Polish Army, authorization systems, control and measurement stations. At the same time, it carries out various projects for the national defence industry.

TELESYSTEM mainly cooperates with the companies of the Polish Armaments Group as well as with many leading companies and research institutes in the country and abroad. The confirmation of professionalism and high competences is the fact that the company was granted:

  • Concession of the Minister of the Interior and Administration for the production and trade in weapons and ammunition (from 1998);
  • NATO Commercial and Government Entity 1606H issued by the Military Centre for Quality Standardization and Codification;
  • Industrial Safety Certificate No. SBPK 001512P.

Consistent and constant development resulted in staff growth and expansion of the scientific and the research potential of the Company. CRW TELESYSTEM-Mesko is a modern organization that makes a real transfer of the research results to the industry. Based on many years of experience and competences, we are an entity that produces technologically advanced equipment and devices. We have the ability to implement innovative solutions in the field of development, design, testing and production of optoelectronic, and electronic units.

The company's history

The initiator of creation of the company in 1993, The Development and Implementation Centre Telesystem -Mesko Sp. z o.o. was a team of scientists and constructors led by professor Zbigniew Puzewicz, all with previous background in the Military University of Technology and operating within the Mikroel company. The newly established company invited Zakłady Metalowe MESKO in Skarżysko-Kamienna to a cooperation. The basis of this concept was the necessity to create effective forms of cooperation between Polish science and technology and the state arms industry in order to provide the Polish Army with modern means of combat.

The Development and Implementation Centre Telesystem-Mesko Sp. z o. o., undertook the implementation of key research and development work, from the point of view of the future products, related to the detection and control module of the missile. Together with ZM Mesko SA – coordinating the entire program, including the stages of implementation and starting the production of optoelectronic and electronic sets, allowing the resulting product to achieve the features of an intelligent weapons.

During the works, not only an extremely competent team of specialists was built and invaluable experience was gained, but also unique, not only on a Polish scale, control and measurement equipment, test rigs (including a missile simulator) and production equipment were gathered. Many of these devices were created in single units, custom made for the needs of the implementation of the “GROM” program. Effective cooperation ties were also built, involving several dozen research and development institutions, and manufacturing plants in the production process.

From the moment of introducing the final version of GROM MANPADS into production and commencing its deliveries to the Polish Army, it is one of the most modern anti-aircraft systems in its class in the world.

It is manufactured entirely by domestic industry, including the key components that give it the characteristics of a smart weapon. Over the course of several years of serial production of the sets, a number of research, development and implementation works were also carried out, including new homing head and proximity sensor assemblies.

Working area

The TELESYSTEM-MESKO Development and Implementation Centre is a Polish leader in missile and ammunition guidance systems with great development potential.

Manufacturer of guiding heads (GSN) and starting mechanisms for the Grom, Piorun, SZP Poprad, ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G, ZUR-23-2SP and ZSU-23-4MP Biała missile sets and the KUSZA missile system. Manufacturer of guidance systems for precision-guided artillery ammunition (APR) and the “Pirat” light anti-tank missile system. We have unique competences and we are open to wide cooperation with both industry and research centres.

CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO specializes in R&D and production for the defence industry. It develops, implements and produces optoelectronic and electronic units for portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems. It creates and manufactures the world-unique InSb and PbS photodetectors, specialised optics and modern hybrid preamplifiers.

As a result of many years of work on homing warheads (GSN) for MANPADS, CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO has developed and implemented a number of critical technologies. These include: the ability to comprehensively design and test opto-electronic systems, technologies of precise assembly of optical elements, production technologies of photodetectors based on InSb and PbS with high detection (D*> 10^10 (cm*Hz^0.5/W). Manufacturing of electronics, e.g., processing modules for the seeker head (GSN), electronics of the starting mechanism, proximity sensor and the fuse, and unauthorized use prevention system.

CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO has also mastered the technologies related to the production of Nd:YAG lasers for target designators/laser rangefinders that meet the military environmental requirements for the battlefield. Technologies for both the opto-mechanical module and the integration of electronic tribrach modules, compass, azimuth and target elevation measurement, coding (STANAG 3733).


The production profile includes various components for portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems and precision-guided ammunition. Specialized training systems and other auxiliary equipment.

Development projects of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • O R00 0082 06 – “Development of a dual-spectral, resistant to thermal countermeasures, with increased detectability, GSN homing head model for the GROM-M portable anti-aircraft missile system”;
  • O R00 0012 06 – “Development of a warhead section model with an optoelectronic proximity fuse, intended for the GROM-M portable anti-aircraft missile system”;
  • O R00 0012 09 – “Development of a control section model with electronically controlled proportional deflection of the canards, intended for the GROM-M portable anti-aircraft missile system.”
Development projects in the field of the GROM Man-portable Anti-Aircraft Missile System

As part of the GROM modernization program, we were responsible for developing the following projects:

  • the homing head of the GROM-M missile;
  • proximity sensor;
  • electronic blocks of the starting mechanism;
  • the concept of an optoelectronic day and night sight.
Research, development and implementation projects of Precision Strike Munitions
  • Development and implementation of a laser tracking head for: “Precision ammunition system for the 120 mm RAK mortar”;
  • Development and production of a laser tracking head for the “Precision ammunition system for 155 mm self-propelled howitzers, codename KRAB and KRYL”;
  • “Development and implementation of a laser illumination system for the 120 mm RAK mortar;
  • “Integration of the laser illumination system with the firing synchronization system and development of hardware software for the 155 mm KRAB and KRYL self-propelled howitzers.”
Development project for the PIRAT anti-tank guided missile
  •  “Development and implementation of a light system with a guided missile with a range of 2.5 km, codenamed PIRAT.
Own development programs

As part of our own development programs, we have developed the “Kusza” Mobile Missile System with PPZR GROM/PIORUN.

It is an autonomous system designed for VSHORAD class anti-aircraft defense – combating air targets during the day and at night:

  • airplanes, helicopters, rockets with flight speeds up to 320 m/s (cruising missiles, anti-radiation missiles, air-ground missiles);
  • unmanned aerial vehicles and other air targets at altitudes up to 4 km and observation of the air and ground situation in the vicinity of MSR “KUSZA” at distances of 10-12 km.

The system is characterized by high precision striking power based on GROM/PIORUN missiles, high maneuverability and a high level of protection through the use of terrain masking capabilities. The design of the System allowed for obtaining a low signature in every spectrum, from radar through visible, infrared and acoustic.

MSR “KUSZA” fully uses the capabilities and parameters of the GROM/PIORUN missile – autonomous interception and target tracking. The day and night optoelectronic sights used increase the combat capabilities of the missile.


CRW-Telesystem with the participation of prof. Zbigniew Puzewicz conducted research on new methods of balancing the homing head coordinator. The proposed solution was implemented, which allowed for a radical improvement in the quality of the homing heads.

Personnel Potential

Centrum Rozwojowo-Wdrożeniowe Telesystem-Mesko Sp. z o. o. employs over 100 staff, most of them with higher technical education. The company employs senior and experienced engineers, constructors, technologists in the field of optoelectronics, analogue and digital electronics and precision mechanics. In addition, the company cooperates on an ongoing basis with many senior specialists from various fields of science, who are involved in the research and development on ad-hoc basis. The company benefits from many years of experience in the fields of laser technology and optoelectronics. The top engineers participated in the implementation of a number of research and development programs of significant importance for defence, such as: fire control systems for the T-55 MERIDA and PT-91 (TWARDY) DRAWA tanks, BOBRAWA and OBRA laser protection systems for the mentioned tanks, construction of lasers for both military and civilian use.

The design team of CRW Telesystem-Mesko creates modern technical solutions for the “smart” weapons systems . These accomplishments resulted in the production of weapons and equipment of world-class quality.


Our unique experience and software skills enables us to develop and implement the following technologies:

  • missile flight control and flight path simulation algorithms;
  •  design and development of specialized detection systems;

optical systems design;

  •  assembly of optical, mechanical and electronic components;
  • construction of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronics devices. In addition to the manufactured products, the tasks may include technological and control instrumentation, necessary for implementation and fabrication of specialized optoelectronics sub-assemblies;
  • rapid prototyping or short production runs of optical, mechanical and opto-electronics components. We possess the knowledge and capabilities to perform assembly, adjustments and commissioning of test projects, prototypes and short production runs of all control instrumentation;
  •  CNC prototyping or production using our machining centre as well as CNC programming for various machines, including coding verifications;
  •  preparation of 3D models: parts, assemblies or devices. In particular, training and marketing materials for the product, in printed or digital forms;
  •  modern multi-layer PCBs and hybrid microcircuits design in surface mount technology, protected from the elements and ensuring high reliability, even during mass scale production;
  • Blueprints’ digitalization;
  • preparation of blueprints based on partial data;
  •  participation in the processes of implementation, staff training, supervision and technical consulting;
  • manufacturing of pre-production series of optical, mechanical and opto-electronic products.


R&D, design and implementation in the fields of electronics, micro-electronics, optics and opto-electronics are the most dynamically advancing paths of our business activity. These are led by experienced and highly qualified specialists, cooperating in this area with a number of institutions and companies, as well as Scientific Institutes and universities, including Military University of Technology and the Warsaw Polytechnic. This enables the construction of electronic and optoelectronic systems as well as actuators and measuring devices, characterized by high multi-functionality, a high degree of intelligence, and quality matching global standards. This co-operation allows creation of electronic and optoelectronics systems, actuators and instrumentation with multi-function characteristics, smart integration and world-class quality.


In the process of design of analogue and digital electronic systems and extensive automation systems, computer simulations are widely used, allowing for time and cost savings. The computer software used by our employees are mostly of our custom design or modified commercially available software suits. Telesystem has at its disposal software for:

  • design and simulation of electronic circuits;
  •  development of modern processes and construction of multi-process electronic devices;
  • design of solid-state lasers;
  • design of multilayer hybrid PCBs microcircuits with high environmental resistance;
  • calculations and simulations of multi-axis optical systems (especially detection), as well as diffraction methods;
  • mechatronics design;
  • simulation of the atmospheric effects on the propagation of radiation in the range from visible light to far infrared;
  • missile flight simulation.