Centrum Rozwojowo-Wdrożeniowe Telesystem Mesko was a partner of the third edition of Defence and Security Sector Defence 24 DAY & SOFEAST Conference, that took place in the EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw on September 29-30, 2021. One of the first Defence24 panels was entitled “How to involve the Polish defence industry in the implementation of the Technical Modernization Plan until 2035”. The plan that is extremely important for the future of the Polish army and the economy.

The participants of the panel were Col. Dr. Artur Kuptel acting as the Head of the Armaments Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Defence, Col. Krzysztof Komorowski from the Defence Policy Department of the Ministry of National Defence, Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, Piotr Wojciechowski, President of the Management Board of the WB Group, Dr. Eng. Janusz Noga, President of the Management Board of CRW Telesystem -Mesko and Janusz Zakręcki , President of the Management Board of Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Dominik Kimla from Janes.

During the discussion, Dr. Eng. Janusz Noga, President of the Management Board of CRW Telesystem-Mesko, pointed out positive execution by Telesystem of many research and development works concerning, i.e., anti-aircraft missiles, missile guidance systems for a target designated with a laser beam. He noted that the examples include work on smart ammunition for the Rak and Krab systems or the latest “Pirat” anti-tank missile.

The President emphasized: Thanks to the effective use of the existing solutions, the development of the targeting system for “Pirat” took 6 months only.

He added that the very design of an anti-aircraft missile is a several-years long process. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly develop and maintain design teams in those technologies that have been already mastered in Poland. The most important of them are undoubtedly the fire control systems, turrets, anti-aircraft missiles, and now anti-tank missiles, at least those of a shorter range. He said, that the “Piorun” anti-aircraft missile was developed so efficiently because several projects, such as, the warhead, the proximity sensor or the rocket engine itself, had been implemented beforehand.

Currently, Piorun is at such a stage of development that it allows integration with various other platforms. These can be small all-terrain vehicles or large combat vehicles. Earlier, the Grom anti-aircraft missile had undergone such a process of integration. As a result of that, Jodek, Biała, Poprad, and Pilica systems have been created; and nothing stands in the way of using other platforms – apart from Poprad and Pilica, which are already integrated – to follow a similar path with Piorun and its development versions – emphasized Dr. Eng. Janusz Noga, President of the Telesystem Mesko Development and Implementation Centre.

Defence24 Day is a conference devoted to the strategic aspects of national and international defence. The event is an environment for discussion on the broadly understood security and defence industry, by the representatives of public administration, the Polish Armed Forces, experts and the defence industry.

The conference was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of National Defence – Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of Interior and Administration – Mariusz Kamiński, the National Security Bureau, the Ministry of State Assets and the Government Centre for Security.