Access authorization key (KA)

Key Access Authorization (KA) is an electronic system that prevents the missile from being used with different launch systems than those supplied.

The 2003 Agreement on the Non-proliferation of MANPADs, which was part of the Treaty on the Control of the Export of Conventional Weapons and Dual-Use Technology, introduced a ban on the export of the MANPADs to non-state recipients and unstable governments, and imposed an obligation on the owners of such sets to control their possession. Poland introduced an electronic access authorization system in the design of the Grom sets for export, which makes it impossible to use the missile with launch mechanisms other than those that were the subject of the delivery.

As a result, it is not possible, for example, to use a missile exported as part of the Jodek-G and Poprad anti-aircraft systems from portable launchers, if these have not been delivered in parallel, and vice versa. This is possible due to the access authorization key (KA) developed by our engineers.