Control and measurement equipment of the GROM/PIORUN missile system

Since 2010, we have been participating in development work on the modernization of GROM MANPAD to the GROM/PIORUN standard. Telesystem has developed and implemented all the crucial optoelectronics and electronics units of the GROM/PIORUN rocket and has become their manufacturer.

We have developed and manufacture various types of launch mechanisms for all anti-aircraft systems based on the GROM MANPAD family. Currently, their individual types are installed in GROM/PIORUN, IODIDE, POPRAD, and BIAŁA products.

Specialized tooling is used for production, that was mostly developed and made at Telesystem-Mesko.

Starting Mechanism Tester for the ZUR-23-2SP Jodek system.

The control and measurement equipment of the manufactured products includes, among others:

  • Test stand for testing and adjusting the self-guiding head coordinator.
  • A real-time digital simulation workstation for a self-guided warhead.
  • Laboratory test stand for optoelectronic proximity fuse.
  • Field test stand for optoelectronic proximity fuse.
  • Thermal stage field test bed.

It is worth mentioning the use of the surface mount assembly line for the production of, among others, PCBs of the electronics block of the GROM rocket and electronics boards of the starting mechanisms, which ensures high quality and fault-free operation of the products.

Telesystem-Mesko cooperates with or performs work for such companies as MESKO SA, PIT-RADWAR, ZM TARNÓW. Close cooperation with the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Military University of Technology is continued, especially with the Quantum Electronics Group.