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KUSZA (Crossbow)- Mobile Missile System

The TELESYSTEM-MESKO Development and Implementation Center has developed a mobile MSR KUSZA anti-aircraft system. The creators' assumption was to create a system consisting of an off-road platform capable of carrying up to 6 GROM/PIORUN missile launchers along with a day and night tracking and firing system. The crossbow is designed to combat air attack means, such as jet planes, helicopters, and UAVs.

GROM/PIORUN missiles, along with Ground Power Blocks, are mounted on a rigid frame equipped with autonomous Launch Mechanisms, optoelectronic targeting systems and a control panel.

Thanks to its lightweight and well-balanced design, the operator can accurately aim and track the target. The use of a swivel connector allows the shooter to operate at n×360˚. The system’s electronics are powered by a high-capacity carrier battery or a power generator, allowing the system to operate autonomously for hours. The KUSZA Mobile Missile System (MSR) is a lightweight anti-aircraft set that operates completely passively, making it much more difficult for the enemy to detect compared to other solutions. The same purpose is facilitated by its small size and high mobility. The launcher can be installed on a stationary base, on ships, but also on much smaller, highly mobile carriers – such as pick-up trucks or the Polaris Ranger 6×6 all-terrain vehicle. The system’s small size and rigid structure also allow it to change positions quickly using various transport platforms.

Possible configurations:

• built on other vehicles;

• stationary version;

• shipbuilding;

• other indicated by the customer.

Prototype of the Mobile KUSZA System on a light all-terrain vehicle Polaris Defence Ranger 800 6×6 in combat position

System composition:

  • 4-6 PPZR GROM/PIORUN missiles;
  •  operator’s console to operate the entire system;
  • targeting systems;
  • collimator sight with emergency mechanical sight integrated with a monitor for displaying camera images and system status;
  • optoelectronic camera for daytime combat operation;
  • thermal imaging camera for day and night combat operations;
  • autonomous Launch Mechanisms for launching missiles from the KUSZA MSR;
  • additional 2 Launch Mechanisms for launching the missile “from the shoulder”;
  • 8-12 Ground Power Blocks with high-pressure nitrogen.

The launcher set can be integrated with various Command Systems (including the possibility of using the REGA anti-aircraft defence command automation kit) and the “Friend-Foe” ID system.

System properties:

  • action in passive fashion;
  •  high mobility;
  • ability to operate in day and night mode;
  •  increased range of target detection and identification;
  • quick replacement of the launcher after firing;
  • ability to shoot “from the shoulder”;
  • system difficult to detect for the enemy.

“Crossbow” sets, by their light weight and high mobility, are very easy to hide in the field, and by the passivity of their operation they cannot be detected by technical observation systems.

System Applications:

MSR KUSZA can be used in the following tactical situations:

  • defense of approaches to point facilities and small particularly important areas (e.g., ports, transportation hubs, gas port, refineries, power plants, bars, etc.) against air attack from a ceiling of up to 4 km,
  • defense of approaches to facilities hosting particularly important events (e.g., international conferences, sporting events, etc.) from attack by subsonic-speed missiles, drones and other aerial targets,
  • covering troops during marches and stops from attack from ceilings up to 4 km,
  • hunting (ambush action) against targets on anticipated flight paths at ceilings of up to 4 km (aircraft, helicopters, missiles with flight speeds of up to 320 m/s (cruise missiles, anti-radiation missiles, air-to-ground missiles), unmanned aerial vehicles and other aerial targets.