Launch mechanisms for GROM/PIORUN system carriers

CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO has developed and implemented mass production launch mechanisms for all anti-aircraft systems based on PPZR GROM/PIORUN used in the Polish Army and, in order to meet international regulations, devices protecting against unauthorized use for PPZR GROM/PIORUN.

The launch mechanisms are very complex, multi-functional digital devices that cooperate with the armament carriers’ on-board systems. They analyse the signals coming from the homing warheads and work out the decision on the possibility of launching the missile. Currently, their individual types are installed in the ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G, ZUR-23-2SP, SZP Poprad and ZSU-23-4MP Biała products.

We manufacture Starting Mechanisms, including their full commissioning, for the carrier systems of the GROM/PIORUN – ZSU-23-4MP Biała, SZP Poprad, ZUR-23-2KG Jodek-G, ZUR-23-2SP Jodek-SP portable anti-aircraft missile system.