PIRAT ATGM missile smartness

CRW TELESYSTEM-MESKO, in consortium with Mesko S.A. and the Ukrainian company DKKB Łucz, is implementing the Polish PIRAT anti-tank missile program. Our engineers have developed and implemented a guidance system for this missile based on our own digital head with detectors.

The guidance system developed for the “Pirate” is among the latest generation of solutions in this field. It uses a coded and NATO-compliant beam, which definitely increases operational safety and makes it more difficult to possibly disrupt this system.

Digital homing head for the PIRAT ATGM

The guidance system, developed for “Pirat”, is among the latest generation of advancements in this field. It uses a coded, NATO standards compliant beam, that significantly increases the safety of operation and hinders possible jamming of the system. As a result of implementation of the digital guidance algorithms, attack mode selection is possible. It is therefore no longer a system that relies on a reflected laser beam only (as in older generation guided solutions), but conducts an attack according to a defined and pre-programmed method. As a result it is possible, for example, to perform a flight at a much greater altitude by a missile and a top-down attack. The possibility of introducing and further improving the guidance algorithms increases the resistance of the missile system to the enemy’s countermeasures. It also increases the use versatility.