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Training and Training Device 2 (UST-2)

The UST-2 training and training set is designed for learning and perfecting shooting from the arm, from the PIORUN rocket system.

The trainer includes: – PIORUN training and training rocket which is the equivalent of ppzr PIORUN in the launcher; – a training and training mechanism that is the equivalent of a combat launch mechanism; – a central unit (instructor’s station), i.e. a computer system enabling, among other things, a current view of the the work of four exercisers simultaneously and entering the parameters of the fire task; – a power block (a set of power supplies for the central unit and RST – 2 rockets).  

The training-training device allows shooting training to be carried out simultaneously at four independent training stations supervised in real time by a single instructor, both in field conditions with the use of thermal simulators of airborne targets, imitators of airborne targets used in the Polish Armed Forces, as well as real targets, and in lecture halls with the use of a VR virtual reality simulator or with the use of stationary imitators of flying targets. During training, the trainee must identify the target against a background of various distractions and false targets, and then perform exactly the same actions as in combat shooting. A soldier undergoing training must hit real air targets: jet aircraft, helicopters and enemy drones. Each stage of the training is evaluated using software, and the entire training is recorded in the form of a video from a camera placed on the training launcher.

UST-2 was developed together with Mesko S.A.